PS 139 teachers at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s institute for the Teaching of Reading

Teachers build and strengthen their knowledge and skills in professional development over the summer in programs like Teachers College Reading institute. The Reading Institute is designed for educators, classroom teachers, school administrators, and curriculum specialists who are committed to turning classrooms into richly literate reading and writing workshops.

During this five-day institute, small and large group sections tackle, headfirst, the following topics and much more: the central role of curriculum development and planning in the teaching of reading, units of study in reading workshop, comprehension strategy instruction, the importance of assessment-based instruction, the role of the read-aloud book, methods of holding our students accountable for doing their best work, helping students grow ideas about literature, and classroom structures that support inquiry and collaboration.

The Reading and Writing Project will offer a day long institute at Teachers College for parents on October 14th. Details on how to sign up will be available at the beginning of the school year.
Jessica Conter, Josephine Sinagra, Renee Garitta, Zach Mack, Joanna Lau. Not pictured: Lauren Schirripa
photo (1)
Timeline made by some of PS 139’s own–focusing on learning about WWI through historical fiction
photo (2)
Photo of one participant’s diligent notes