PS 139 Chess Ninjas–Nationals!!

PS 139 Chess Ninjas participated in nearly 20 tournaments this year–locally throughout New York City, in Saratoga Springs for the NY State Championship, and nationally in Chicago, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee!

We are proud of their hard work and achievements. These kids learn valuable life skills in chess club and at tournaments. They learn to think and plan for several moves ahead, to view the whole board (the wider context) and smaller areas of the board (focus). They learn patience and discipline. They learn to concentrate and delay gratification. They learn about fair play, and how to recover from a loss and continue on. They learn how to work as a team. And in the words of one second grader, they learn “to think hard while having fun!”

The Ninjas are especially fortunate to be coached by Mr. Ian West, who is dedicated to helping them learn and love the game of chess, and guides them through those important lessons mentioned above. He is treasured and respected by the kids and their families.

2015 Girls National Chess Tournament, Chicago, Illinois

Under 8: First place–left to right: Maya Emert-Wiggins, Polly Morrow, Emma Adams, Ayushma Rai with coach Ian West



Under 10: 6th place–Vivian Gore, Aowyn Schneider, Ariana Winawer-Stein



2015 Chess Nationals, Nashville, Tennessee

 K-3 Under 800–19th place–Nevin Swanson, Bea Rush, Declan Lutton-Seignoret, Maya Emmert-Wiggins, Polly Morrow, Emma Adams (not pictured) with Coach Ian West and National Tournament Director

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 K-5 under 900 -4th place –Emmet Duprey, Brian Thevenot, Vivian Gore, Sonam Sherpa, Ariana Winawer Stein, Alexander Pierre, Ryan Reddish, Aowyn Schneider with Coach West



K-5 under 900- tied for 35th place– Aowyn Schneider, Alexander Pierre Joy, Ryan Reddish, Emmet Duprey

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 K-5 Open-18th place–standing: Tashi Sherpa, Robbie Galpern Levin, Michelle Muniz.  front row: Ellis Wong, Ayushma Rai,



                                            2015 National Team