Getting involved at P.S. 139 as a Parent Association Member

Here’s a list of ways you can get involved with and support your Parent Association at P.S.139:


1. Come to our monthly meetings! Bring your questions, ideas, or concerns. 


2. Visit our website and, on the home page, subscribe to our mail list for website updates.


3. Join the P.S. 139 Alexine Fenty School group on Facebook. This group is private and joining this group does NOT automatically make you Facebook friends with the other members of the group. 


4. Donate to the Parent Association, either by leaving a donation with your information in the PA box in the Main Office, or via PayPal (there’s a “donate” button on the school website).


5. Get involved in what we do!


Setting our sights:

If you have an idea of an initiative you’d like the PA to take on, bring it to a meeting, or share it with the PA president, or someone else on the board. The PA membership will decide together what we’d like our priorities to be for the year, and your ideas matter!

Contact: Indira Junicic, PA president


Event Planning: 

Help plan, or volunteer at, events like Harvest Night (Oct. 27), Movie Night, etc. 


Jasmina Srdanovic, Co-VP of Event Planning

Natalee Stephens, Co-VP of Event Planning


Internal Fundraising: 

Organize a bake sale among the families in your child’s grade, help distribute catalog sale items, come up with a school-wide fundraiser, etc.

Contact: Liliana Vasquez, VP of Internal Fundraising


External Fundraising: 

Help research and pursue external sources of support, like grants, donations from local businesses, local fundraisers, etc.

Contact: Susanna Stein, VP of External Fundraising


Parent Outreach:

Help reach out to new families, or families who don’t speak English as a first language, provide translation, organize a walking club, etc.

Contact: Maria Martinez, VP of New Parent Outreach


Communications and Technology:

Write articles for the Rugby Road Reporter, a newsletter for the school community; help update and improve the P.S. 139 website; help disseminate information on the website, Facebook, etc.


Jennifer Lutton, Co-VP of Technology & Communications

Claire Pearce, Co-VP of Technology & Communications



Help design flyers, t-shirts, event banners, etc.

Contact: Charlie Ornegri, Correspondence Secretary



Help grow the garden around our school, and facilitate student engagement with the garden

Contact: Liz Fleischman, Chair, Garden Committee


Teacher Support:

Help gather information from teachers about how the PA can support them; help stock and maintain the Teacher Supply Closet

Contact: Val Kostinenko, VP of Teacher Support


Are we missing something? Let us know!  Our next PA general meeting is Thursday, October 20th, at 5:45pm. 




Julie Subrin, P.A. Secretary, and the rest of your 2016-2017 P.S. 139 P.A. Executive Board