CookShop, the core nutrition education program of the Food Bank for New York City, hosts Cookshop Classroom at PS 139. The program uses hands-on exploration, cooking and physical activities to foster children’s enjoyment and consumption of healthy food, and their appreciation for good nutrition and living an active lifestyle. With distinct components for qualifying public elementary school and after-school settings, CookShop Classroom reached students in more than 1,800 public elementary school classrooms and after-school programs this year:

CookShop Classroom for After-School offers age-appropriate curricula for low-income students aged 6 to 12 in diverse after-school settings.

Students participating in CookShop Classroom learn where food comes from and how it grows, what goes into a nutritious diet and active lifestyle, and how to transform whole foods such as carrots, wheat, apples and lettuce into simple, tasty, affordable meals and snacks.

All CookShop Classroom teachers and instructors receive comprehensive, interactive training and support from Food Bank staff, as well as all of the curriculum materials, food, supplies and equipment needed to implement the program successfully.

For more details on CookShop in New York City and the Food Bank for NYC visit their website