Participatory Budgeting Voting Week is Here! Special Issue Rugby Road Reporter on PB at PS 139

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Vote in Participatory Budgeting

It’s time to vote in participatory budgeting! And if you donate by April 23rd, your donation will be matched and will enable us to fund more projects.

Students, parents, staff, and teachers developed 12 amazing proposals for making PS 139 better – and you get to decide which ones to fund. Here’s how:

1. VOTE on the proposals. The Parent Association and Principal McDonald will fund the project projects with the most votes, up to at least $10,000. Each student, staff, and teacher can vote once and each family gets one vote per child at the school. You get REAL POWER over REAL MONEY at YOUR SCHOOL.


2. DONATE to the Parent Association to fund more of these projects. The more you donate, the more money we have for these clubs, supplies, workshops, and school improvements. Principal McDonald will match your donations till April 23rd, so every dollar you donate will have double the impact.

PS 139 is a special place where over 1,000 students from different backgrounds learn, play, and grow together. The Parent Association funds amazing school programs and events, and provides teachers and students with essential classroom resources. A tax-deductible donation to the Parent Association is an investment in our children, neighbors, and community.

Please vote for your top projects by April 23rd at Then donate so that we can fund more projects. Thank you!

2018 Participatory Budgeting

How would you spend $10,000 to improve PS 139?

You Decide! Participatory Budgeting at PS 139

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The PS 139 Parent Association and Principal Mary McDonald want you to decide how to spend $10,000 to improve the school, through participatory budgeting!
How it works:

  1. In January, share your ideas for how to make the school better.
  2. In February and March we’ll work with you to turn your ideas into projects for a ballot.
  3. In April, you’ll vote to decide which projects to fund.

Please complete this survey by January 31st, to share the issues you think are most important, and a specific idea or project. Everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a raffle to win a $50 gift certificate!

Last year you funded play equipment, computers, musical instruments, dual language materials, a butterfly garden, and a clean up club – see the full results here. If you have any questions or are available to help out this year, please let us know at Thank you!