Teaching a culture of service at P.S. 139

P.S. 139 students develop a a commitment to service early on. The kids often help at Parents Association events, work in the garden (when there is no construction), and raise funds through donations for charities. So it isn’t surprising that students even sacrifice one of their favorite things–recess–to help at the school. Ms. Madden’s 2nd grade class has been helping Ms. Mitchell in her pre-K class this school year. They are placed in small groups and each group gives up one lunch recess per week to work in Ms. Mitchell’s class, assisting her and working the pre-K students. It gives the second graders a great sense of pride to help out and is an opportunity for them to be role models for younger students.

Here are some photos of the second graders at work with the pre-k students.

photo 1 (1)pre-k2pre-k3pre-k4pre-k 5pre-k