The 2018 PB Results Are IN! Here Are Your Winning Projects!

AT PS 139, your voice matters! We believe in democracy and want everyone in our community to become an active citizen, so we invite you to decide how to spend part of the school and Parent Association budgets.

This Spring the Parent Association asked for your ideas for what would improve the school, and students, parents, staff and teachers proposed over 200 ideas! In April, 1,192 of you voted to decide which of the 12 finalists to fund – more than twice as many people voting as last year! THANK YOU!

The Parent Association and Principal Mary McDonald originally set aside $5,000 each for your ideas, and you donated an additional $1,725 during the vote. The PA and School were so impressed with your participation that we’re investing more money in your priorities. The PA and Principal McDonald will each contribute $11,000, to fund $22,000 of projects! This allows us to fund the top seven projects, and one additional one that’s only $1,000.

  • Here are the winning projects, that will happen this semester and in the fall:
  • Creative Play Materials
  • Technology Club
  • Museum of Math Field Trips
  • Teachers Lounge Makeover
  • Books & Reading Rewards
  • Back to School Supplies
  • Global Garden
  • Spanish Club

See the full results and more info about the projects below. Thank you to the 819 students, 312 parents, 33 teachers, and 28 staff who voted, and to everyone who proposed an idea and who volunteered during the vote! Special thanks to Josh Lerner, Megan Jonynas, Rachel Coven, Megan Demarkis, Shayla Khan, Arcelia Leal, and the PA’s External Fundraising Committee for leading the process – and to Principal McDonald, Irene Varon, and the other school staff and teachers for their support!

If your idea didn’t win, please bring it and other new ideas back next year, and get involved in the PA to help make your ideas happen. Stay tuned for more updates on next steps, and thank you everyone!


Project Cost Votes Result
Creative Play Materials $2,000 764 Funded by PA
Technology Club $4,000 720 Funded by School/PA
Museum of Math Field Trips $4,000 585 Funded by PA
Teachers Lounge Makeover $1,500 506 Funded by PA
Books & Reading Rewards $4,000 487 Funded by School
Back to School Supplies $4,000 438 Funded by School
Global Garden $1,500 411 Funded by PA
Radio Show & Podcast $4,000 402 School will try to fund
Spanish Club $1,000 388 Funded by PA
Teaching Assistants & Lunch Leaders $4,000 366 School will try to fund
Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness $4,000 363 School will try to fund
Bilingual Theater Show $2,000 358 PA will try to fund

Creative Play Materials – $2,000

Buy purposeful play materials such as Legos, Blocks, and Magnet Tiles to help students engage in quiet but constructive activities in class and during recess.

Technology Club – $4,000

Hold after-school clubs for younger and older students to learn about technology and coding. Experiment with computers, circuit boards, and art.

“Museum of Math” Field Trips – $4,000

Make math fun through workshops with the National Museum of Mathematics, so students can learn real world math through hands-on activities.

Teachers Lounge Makeover – $1,500

Give teachers a nice place to eat, plan, and discuss educational topics! Buy new paint, chairs, microwave, table, and coffee maker to fix up the teachers lounge.

Books & Reading Rewards – $4,000

Buy interesting books and graphic novels for students of all grades, and prizes to reward summer reading. Keep reading fun and avoid summer slide!

Back to School Supplies – $4,000

Buy basic classroom supplies like soap and tissues for all classes for the start of the school year. Buying in bulk, rather than individually, saves families money and time.

Global Garden – $1,500

Plant a garden of edible plants, celebrating the countries of PS 139 families. Ask students to suggest plants that they eat at home and make a cookbook of recipes.

Radio Show & Podcast – $4,000

Let students creatively express themselves by recording podcasts and radio, with Radio Rookies and Cortelyou Radio. Pay for audio equipment and time with experts.

Spanish Club – $1,000

Give Spanish-speaking students an opportunity to practice and speak Spanish through an after-school club, to celebrate and validate their identities.

Teaching Assistants & Lunch Leaders – $4,000

Pay parents, college students, and/or high school seniors to help out in classrooms, at recess, and in the lunchroom.

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness – $4,000

Help students be more present and focused through meditation, yoga, and calming exercises. Bring in an expert to lead workshops during the school day.

Bilingual Theater Show – $2,000

Have a bilingual English/Spanish language theater show with Teatro SEA, the top Bilingual Latino Children’s Theatre.


PS 139 Spring Auction!

May 1 Online Bidding Begins

May 18 Live Auction and Party PS 139, 330 Rugby Rd. 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 9.53.50 AM

Donate to Support These Amazing PS 139 Projects

Students, parents, staff, and teachers at PS 139 developed 12 amazing proposals for improving the schools, and need your support to fund them. Can you donate to the Parent Association by April 23rd, to help us fund these projects?

Through Participatory Budgeting, students, parents, teachers, and staff are voting to decide which of the following projects to fund, with at least $10,000:

  1. Museum of Math Trips
  2. Back to School Supplies
  3. Books & Reading Rewards
  4. Teachers Lounge Makeover
  5. Technology Club
  6. Spanish Club
  7. Creative Play Materials
  8. Bilingual Theater Show
  9. Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness
  10. Radio Show & Podcast
  11. Global Garden
  12. Teaching Assistants & Lunch Leaders

Please DONATE to help the school fund more of these projects. The more you donate, the more money we have for these clubs, supplies, workshops, and school improvements. Principal Mary McDonald will match your donations till April 23rd, so every dollar you donate will have double the impact.

PS 139 is a special place where 1,000 students from different backgrounds learn, play, and grow together. The Parent Association funds amazing school programs and events, and provides teachers and students with essential classroom resources.

Thank you for making a tax-deductible donation to the PS 139 Parent Association, to invest in our children, neighbors, and community!

Multicultural Festival


In partnership with Senior Girl Scout Troop 2702

Friday April 20, 2018
5:30 – 8:30pm

Come Experience & Share Food, Music & Art From Around the World. Students must be accompanied by
a parent or guardian.

Questions: Contact Natalee Stephens (347-385-6322/

or Megan Jonynas (

En asociación con Senior Girl Scout Troop 2702

Viernes 20 de Abril.
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Experienciar y Compartir Comida, música y arte De todo el mundo. Los estudiantes deben estar acompañados por un padre o tutor.

Natalee Stephens (347-385-6322/
Ms. Megan Jonynas (

Vote in Participatory Budgeting

It’s time to vote in participatory budgeting! And if you donate by April 23rd, your donation will be matched and will enable us to fund more projects.

Students, parents, staff, and teachers developed 12 amazing proposals for making PS 139 better – and you get to decide which ones to fund. Here’s how:

1. VOTE on the proposals. The Parent Association and Principal McDonald will fund the project projects with the most votes, up to at least $10,000. Each student, staff, and teacher can vote once and each family gets one vote per child at the school. You get REAL POWER over REAL MONEY at YOUR SCHOOL.


2. DONATE to the Parent Association to fund more of these projects. The more you donate, the more money we have for these clubs, supplies, workshops, and school improvements. Principal McDonald will match your donations till April 23rd, so every dollar you donate will have double the impact.

PS 139 is a special place where over 1,000 students from different backgrounds learn, play, and grow together. The Parent Association funds amazing school programs and events, and provides teachers and students with essential classroom resources. A tax-deductible donation to the Parent Association is an investment in our children, neighbors, and community.

Please vote for your top projects by April 23rd at Then donate so that we can fund more projects. Thank you!

Chocolate fundraiser for 5th-grade graduation dues!

The 5th grade committee is conducting a Fundraiser to reduce 5th grade graduation dues. We will be selling Chocolate bars from World’s Finest Chocolate. The chocolate sale were a big hit in the past where we raised a significant amount of money. Each box of chocolate you sell you will receive $30 towards your child’s senior dues.

Download Signup form (Spanish and English)

Survey Results – PS 139’s Top Priorities and Ideas

Thank you to everyone who completed the Participatory Budgeting survey, to share your top priorities and ideas for improving the school!

Last year, 16 people submitted ideas. This year, 559 people completed the surveys, sharing 202 specific ideas! This includes 426 students, 103 parents, 19 teachers, and 10 staff. Congratulations to Adriana Galicia for being the lucky raffle winner of a $50 gift certificate to the Flatbush Food Coop!

Here are the top five priorities:

Issue Votes
Field trips and performances 253
School and classroom technology 181
Cafeteria food and space 178
Outdoor play spaces 173
After-school clubs 131

For more details, see this survey report. The Parent Association will use this input to guide our activities for the next year, to better serve and support the school community.

In February and March, a PB Committee of parents, teachers, and staff is reviewing the ideas and turning the top ones into proposals for a ballot. Then in April, all students, parents, teachers, and staff will be invited to vote to decide which projects we fund.

This work at PS 139 has also inspired bigger change at the City and State. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced that he will be launching PB at all public high schools, and in April officials from across the state will visit PS 139 to prepare for a new statewide PB initiative for schools. Thank you for being part of a community that’s showing students and parents that we can all have a voice in our democracy!

Ayude a sus niños – Done a la Asociación de Padres de PS 139

La Asociación de Padres (AP) ayuda a nuestros niños, financiando programas importantes fuera del presupuesto de la escuela. Por favor, haga una donación antes del 31 de diciembre para apoyar estos programas.

La Asociación de Padres financia increíbles programas escolares, actividades extracurriculares y eventos especiales. También, La Asociación de Padres provee materiales escolares a los maestros y estudiantes para sus salones de clases. Uds., como padres, pueden decidir lo que hacemos, por el proceso del presupuesto participativo. ¡El año pasado, los padres y estudiantes votaron para financiar nuevos juguetes para el recreo, un jardín de mariposas, instrumentos musicales, computadoras portátiles, materiales para enseñar y un club de ecología.

Su contribución ayudará a financiar programas y eventos como estos. Si cada familia dona $25, tendremos más de $25,000.  Si puede donar más o pedir donaciones de otra familia o amigos, ¡aun mejor!

PS 139 es un lugar especial. Es un lugar donde las personas de diferentes orígenes comen juntos, juegan juntos y aprenden juntos. PS 139 ofrece una educación excelente a casi mil niños que representan más de 20 idiomas y culturas. Una donación a PS139 es una inversión en nuestros niños, vecinos y comunidad.

Por favor done hoy para apoyar a nuestros hijos, escuela y comunidad. ¡Gracias!

Pueden donar por el internet, en efectivo o por cheque personal. Haga los cheques a “Parent Association of PS 139”, ponga su cheque o su efectivo en un sobre con esta carta y déjelos en la oficina de la escuela o envíalos por correo a: Parent Association PS 139, 330 Rugby Road, Brooklyn NY 11226.  

Sí, mostraré mi apoyo para PS 139 uniéndome a la asociación de padres y donando:


Kelly Lisman & Jessica Dowshen

Presidentes de la Asociación de Padres


Family Movie Night this Friday (11/10)!!

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This Friday October 27th: Harvest Night!!!